NEW (13/11/2007) - YASRT runs on the iPhone/iPod Touch! iYasrt is here

NEW (29/03/2006) - YASRT runs on the Sony PSP! PSPYasrt is here

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What is it?

YASRT is a stochastic raytracer. It stands for Yet Another Simple RayTracer.

Where is it?

YASRT v0.1 beta 14 for windows (32-bit platform), windows mobile (SPV mobile phones, or other ARM-based mobile phones), linux (intel, arm and PlayStation2), macos X, aix, hpux, pocketPC (arm, mips and sh3), beos (intel), and irix (mips) is available here. YASRT v0.1 beta 12 for decunix (alpha), solaris (sparc), freebsd (intel) and win32 (alpha) is available here.

What can I do with it?

YASRT is a raytracing program. It uses the raytracing algorithm to generate realistic pictures from textual descriptions of three-dimensional scenes. By using Monte Carlo raytracing techniques, YASRT supports features such as smooth shadows, depth of field, fuzzy reflections, etc.

Is it free?

YASRT is free for personal use.


YASRT 2000/2005 Emmanuel Viale